Monday, September 19, 2016

Jesus is No Myth: Deal for Students!

Image may contain: natureThis past year I have heard reports of several people, including college students, being fooled into doubting the gospels by the wiles of liberal New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman and his ilk. I really hate it when college professors abuse their superior knowledge and prestige to hoodwink young people, as I believe Ehrman is doing.  That is one reason I feel so passionate about my new book, Jesus is No Myth: The Fingerprints of God on the Gospels. I would love to get that book into the hands of questioning students. 

So for this month, I want to make Jesus is No Myth available to students at my own cost.

Whoever would like to purchase copies of this new 300-page book for yourself, if you are a student, or wish to give it to students, you can have it for just $10, plus $4 shipping. ($1 shipping for each additional copy.) I can post the new book on those terms until I leave on the fall speaking tour in two weeks.
Jesus is No Myth offers the following:

(a) It refutes Reza Aslan, Richard Carrier, Bart Ehrman (ACE), and Matthew Ferguson.

(b) It describes 30 traits that the gospels share (the "fingerprints of God"), which directly demonstrate that the gospels are highly credible historical works. It defends established "criteria" like Embarrassment, Coherence and Multiplicity against skeptical attacks.  It describes revolutionary new criteria introduced by NT Wright and Tim and Lydia McGrew.  It then introduces some twenty other powerful criteria having to do with setting, characterization, style, moral teaching, miracles, and the fulfillment motif.

(c) The book plays "judo" on the skeptics.  It makes use of the long skeptical search for "Jesus body doubles," for parallels to the gospels or the historical Jesus. It rigorously analyzes many suggested parallels, arguing that nothing at all like the real gospels has yet been found, cheerfully mocking supposed analogies like Apollonius of Tyana, Baal Shem Tov, and The Golden Ass.

(d) Finally, Jesus is No Myth looks at the "historical Jesus debate" briefly from the outside perspective of China.

 Reviews so far bear out that Jesus is No Myth achieves these goals, with style:
If you are a student, or have a student ministry, please consider purchasing some copies!

Our address, again, is Kuai Mu Press / PO BOX 403 / Fall City, WA, 98024. I usually ship the same day: the Fall City post office is just across a lazy side-street. The old deal for non-students, $16 plus $4 shipping with a copy of The Truth About Jesus and the 'Lost Gospels' for free, will also be valid for the rest of the month.

The book is listed on Amazon as "out of stock," though they should have copies by now.

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