Wednesday, October 12, 2011

World Religions in Vancouver

I'm giving a day of lectures on Christianity and World Religions (from a missions perspective), this Saturday.  The series of which my talks will be a part is jointly sponsored by Koinos and Missions Fest.  The price for the general public is $30 Canadian, including lunch, and it's open to the public.   

If you're in the Vancouver area, and have the morning and a little of the afternoon free, please think about coming!  It'll be held at Richmond Chinese Alliance.  You may need to register in advance; best to ask, anyway. 

This will be the third series I've given for Koinos.  I've enjoyed speaking there, because it gives us a chance to dig deeper into issues than we would have in a shorter seminar.  Dr. Ward Gasque, one of the founders of Regent College and a New Testament scholar, puts these seminars on at several locations around Vancouver.  Here's his description of the program and its rationale:

"The new Koinos series of Saturday seminars at RCAC focuses on the global Christian mission [Koinos 401] . . . You can sign up online (Google: Koinos Seminars). The next session is Sat Oct 15 on Christianity & Other Faiths.

"One of the biggest challenges to the Christian Faith today is pluralism - recognizing the reality of competing world religions as well as secularism. We have next door neighbors and colleagues at work or school who are Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, or followers of a multitude of other, lesser known religions..

"This seminar is designed to give you an understanding of the basic tenets of the major world religions and suggestions as to how to bear witness to your non-Christian neighbors without alienating them.

"The teacher for this Koinos 401 seminar is David Marshall . . . (etc) "

The actual procedings may be a little less "practical" than this intro implies -- but the day should be fun.  With luck, maybe I'll see you there.

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