Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Book announcement: Faith Seeking Understanding

Dr. Paul Brand
Looks like our new book, Faith Seeking Understanding: Essays in Memory of Paul Brand and Ralph Winter, will be published towards the end of September, 2012.  (Update: you can order the book here!)

Most the essays have now arrived. and I'm excited about the book.  It will contain a wealth of experience and thought, from people who have lived extraordinary lives, and have delved deeply into fascinating fields of knowledge.

I hope that the book will serve as a fitting memorial to two extraordinary Christian gentlemen -- three, if you count St. Anselm, who furnished the title and guiding theme of the book.  I also hope it will prove a helpful guide, especially to many young people who are looking for ways to integrate their faith and areas of study that they are passionate about.  Among others:

Dr. Ralph Winter
* Philip Yancey will share what he learned from Dr. Brand about pain.

* Allan Chapman, Oxford historian of science, will respond to some popular myths about Christianity and how science arose. 

* Miriam Adeney will describe how she has come to see the world's religions in relation to Christianity. 

* Yuan Zhiming, a philosopher who was involved in the Democracy Movement in China, will tell how he came to faith, and explain how he sees Christianity and China. 

* Biologist Ben McFarland will explain how he understands the origins of the species, the role God plays in that work. 

 Many other wonderful chapters have already come in, and others are expected.  (I am working on my own chapter, and also editing the book as a whole.)  Perhaps the publisher (William Carey) will let me exerpt portions of these chapters, over the coming year, and I can share more of this exciting project with you.

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