Tuesday, September 04, 2012

My new book is Now Out!

Our new book, Faith Seeking Understanding, is now available from William Carey Library!

I think almost everyone interested in apologetics, missions, or the life of the mind, will enjoy this book. It includes conversations with Alvin Plantinga, Rodney Stark, and Don Richardson, as well as original and often personal essays about the search for truth by Philip Yancey, Oxford historian of science Allan Chapman, quantum physicist Don Page (a little weird!), anthropologist Miriam Adeney, Chinese philosopher and reformer Yuan Zhiming, philosopher Randal Rauser, and others. (Including myself, the editor, of course.)

Here are two welcome and telling endorsements:

Philip Jenkins, Penn State historian:

"David Marshall has gathered a really distinguished array of contributors, who have all thought deeply about faith in its global context, and the different essays work wonderfully well together. The book makes a splendid memorial to two truly great individuals, Paul Brand and Ralph Winter."

Nicholas Wolterstorff, Yale philosopher:

"What makes the collection especially fascinating and valuable is the individuality and particularity of the stories -- a concrete testimony to the fact that the Christian intellectual life takes many forms."

This latter underlines one of the purposes of Faith Seeking Understanding, to encourage Christians to "love God and think boldly," to paraphrase Luther. 

I'll also be hitting the road from next month (book launch this Saturday evening at West Side Pres, then next Saturday at Issaquah Christian, in the Seattle area), and welcome invitations to speak anywhere on the planet, very much including Antarctica.

Don't ask me to wear the suit, though. 


Matt Stone said...

Is True Son of Heaven coming out in ebook format on Amazon any time soon?

David B Marshall said...

Maybe I should look into that. It is due to finally come out in Chinese, next year.