Monday, August 18, 2014

John's Cool Photos from China

My son is spending a month or two with me in China.  He's a pretty good young amateur photographer, in the Marshall tradition.   We haven't visited many places yet, but here are a few of his shots.

A temple about half-way up Song Mountain in central
China, against the cliffs.  One of  5 ancient sacred peaks.

This cypress was already more than 2000 years old when the famous Han Wudi emperor visited a hundred years
before Christ, and gave it an official title.  The needles look just the same as the ones in the Altar of Heaven grounds
in Beijing.  Marvelous photo, no?  Marvelous tree.  

And here's an interesting look at the Altar of Heaven itself, which we also visited. 


Anonymous said...

That shot of the temple with the rugged cliff in the background is neat.

David B Marshall said...

Yeah, that was a cool hike. I fancy myself a good photographer, but John found angles I hadn't noticed with all three of these.