Friday, November 06, 2015

Rice Terraces in the fall in Southern China

I've been wanted to post these photos from my visit to the Longji (Dragon Spine) rice terraces in Guangxi Province three weeks ago, but had logistical problems.  Anyway, the place was amazing!  But take a look and see.   

Hiking up the mountain from the village where I stayed.  This is nearly the last of
the fall rice harvest. 

Isn't this bewitching?  High on the mountain, the rice terraces march down into a fairy land of bamboos
and autumnal grasses.  The steepest parts of the slope are given over to grasses. 

The wooden (fir, I think) homes are
constructed with pegs rather than
nails.  I rented a room for $13 a night.  
Smelled nice inside, but there was a huge
spider in the passage to the bathroom.
I stayed in a hotel much like these houses, to the right.  This field was being harvested the day I left.



Brad Cooper said...

Beautiful and interesting picks! Makes me wish I could travel along with you over there. ;) Thanks for sharing! :)

David B Marshall said...

Thanks, Brad. Guests are welcome, though I don't plan to be here for much longer.

Of course, I take pictures of the best -- the cities are not generally so attractive, big on gray.