Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Book: The Trump Bible!

I am pleased to announce my new e-book: "The Trump BIble: Why No Christian Should Vote for Donald Trump."

Donald Trump claims that he "reads the Bible more than anyone."  What Bible is he talking about?  Here, from the sands of western Egypt, is unearthed the book that actually inspired Donald Trump.

Part satire, part jeremiad, and all impassioned plea, The Trump Bible is a call to the American Church to wake up and stop an anti-Christ from harming the world, American young people, and the cause of Christ.  

Please help pass the word along!  Let's stop this vile man from representing the Republican Party or the United States of America.  Help me persuade Christians to not disgrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ, by supporting this shameless libertine, liar, bully, and in short, a person whose personality and actions so far in life make him the near-opposite of the man we Christians call "Lord!"

Thanks to Lewis Wawa for his great cover illustration, and to Albert Mcllhenny for technical assistance.

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