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How Jesus Liberates Women: Index of Arguments

Image result for jesus woman at wellOver several years I have argued on this site that the life, example, and teaching of Jesus Christ have liberated billions of women around the world in profound ways.  I am hoping to do some more research, and put the completed argument in book form before long.  But meanwhile, the series has grown so long that it may have become difficult to navigate.  So here I provide links to each article in the series to help the reader make easier use of this important material.  Seven of the 39 articles listed are either incomplete, or have yet to be begun: and Lord willing, I will probably add more soon, as I intend to spend more time researching this subject early this year.  

(1) How it began: a brief response to John Loftus on Christianity and women.

A. How Jesus Liberates Women: A Prima Facia Case. 

(2)  A general introduction to the first several (and most central) articles, describing the research procedure I would follow.

(3) The short story of how I became interested in this subject, as a missionary in East Asia.

(4) My analysis of a United Nations survey including 99 countries and almost all the world's population, on the status of women in relation to education, marriage and family, health, work, and social equality, showing a strong correlation between Christian influence on a society, and a high status for women.

(5)  Historical evidence that Christianity did, in fact, cause the effect described in (4).

(6) An analysis of the gospels, suggesting that Jesus is a highly plausible "causative agent" in the reform that has helped billions of women.

(7) An analysis of Acts of the Apostles on this topic.

(8) Paul and women: Does Paul lock them up again?

(9) Women in Genesis: "The Two Shall Be as One." 

(10) Women in the Torah (Exodus-Deuteronomy). 

(11) Women in Joshua, Judges, and Ruth.

(12) Women in the Jewish Kingdom (I Samuel -- Nehemiah)

(13) Esther.

(14) Women in Hebrew Wisdom Literature.

(15) Women and King Solomon (Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon).

(16) Women as Isaiah and Jeremiah see them.

(17) The rest of the prophets and women

(18) How we should understand the most troubling texts.

B. Other Religions on Women

(19) Comparing Scriptures on Women.  (Methodological, partly complete, first comparing Jesus to Mohammed.)

(20)  Islam I: Karen Armstrong Kisses up to Mohammed, and Throws her Sisters under the Bus. 

(21)  Islam II: Mohammed gives women more trouble.

(22)  Islam III: Mohammed further enslaves women, then John of Damascus chimes in.  

(23) Islam IV: A partial Muslim challenge to the UN report, and my response.

(24) Hinduism I: The Rig Veda.

(25) Hinduism II: The Ramayana.

(26) Hinduism III: The Law of Manu.  (Incomplete.  This text contains a particularly vicious series of laws and warnings for women, which encourage women to worship their husbands in the literal sense, and to die rather than remarry.)

(27) Women in Tribal Cultures.

(28) How the Sumerians Treated women.

(29) How the Greeks treated women: Herodotus, Thucydides and Polybius. (Partially complete.)

(30) (More on the Greeks and the Romans.)

(31) (More on women in Chinese Culture, including Confucian and Taoist texts.)

C. Response to Critics and Skeptics

(32) "Lamest Rebuttals Award."   Some fun poked at the ten worst of hundreds of responses that came to the initial set of arguments.

(33) Republicans hate women, Democrats eat people of both sexes.  (Why the former, at least, is not generally true of the dreaded "Christian Right.")

(34) Sara Robinson vs. Jane Austen.

(35) PZ Myers vs. Women.   And then a response to an inept response he gave to someone else on the same subject.

(36)  An answer to Harry McCall at Deconstructing Christianity on this subject.  (Harry later fell out with John Loftus, and wrote to me kindly expressing respect for my style in disputing him.  Which I appreciated, because while I found some of his views quite over-the-top, he did at least express them with personal civility.)

(37)  Did Jesus Really Liberate Chinese Women?  A Response to Loren and Patrick.

(30) A summary of my argument with John Loftus on this issue two years on, noting that while he had issued the challenge that led to this series, he had never answered the wealth of data I provided in any substantive manner.

(39)  How Smart People Lie (Facts about women as perceived and treated in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity, and why they make many scholars uncomfortable.)

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