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The World Should Thank China! And America Should Apologize!

Here's my translation of an article in China's official news agency, Xinhua ("New China"), that has stirred angry reactions in the United States.

I'll write some commentary on this later.  Certainly there is much to say in response.  One important point: I do not know how much these views represent the thinking of the Chinese leadership.

The original is included below. -- DM

The Truth is, the World Should Thank China

March 4, 2020  Source: 黄生看金融微信公号

Today, yet another state in the US has declared an emergency.  The state of Florida announced public health emergency conditions.  The state governor publicly announced that two people had tested positive for the New Corona Pneumonia (note: Covid-19, to be used below), awaiting confirmation from the federal Disease Control, and that at present these two people are being quarantined.  Presently, after the states of California and Washington, this is the third US state to declare an emergency.  This is a clear sign that Covid-19 is spreading like wildfire in the US.  In addition after America announced the first death from Covid-19 yesterday, today it was discovered that two people had already died from the disease.  What is ridiculous is that in order to confirm an instance of Covid-19, the Center for Disease Control needs to confirm, indeed the governor of Florida expressed dissatisfaction for this reason, and the state declared the Emergency before the case had been confirmed by the Center for Disease Control.

Clearly, America underestimated Covid-19, for the reason above, all confirmations of infections have to come from the Center for Disease Control, causing the whole world to doubt American data.

As Covid-19 has become more and more serious in the US, Trump continues to come out and bluster off the record, telling the American people not to worry.  But actually, in his heart Trump is extremely concerned, and the Vice President, who is in charge of combating Covid-19 is even more worried, praying in the White House that the Covid-19 epidemic will quickly pass.

(Photo given below.)

At this time, Trump turned around completely, and started giving China emphatic praise.  The day before yesterday at a press conference, an American reporter asked Trump: "If the Covid-19 epidemic worsens in America, would the American government consider measures like those taken by China?"

At the time Trump said they would make use of a portion of Chinese measures to control Covid-19. and mentioned that China has made tremendous progress, you can see Starbucks open in China again, Apple has resumed full-scale production, Chinese prevention measures against Covid-19 have gained remarkable progress.  

It was obvious that these words were from the heart, and because at the present moment there has been a big change, China has made important progress in controlling Covid-19, while America is trapped in the midst of the squall.  More and more states are announcing emergency conditions, American medical equipment is extremely short, and an uncontrolled coronvirus epidemic will be practically impossible to avoid.  
The American stock market has plunged several days in a row, losing more than 12% of its value in a short week.  Facing this crisis of collapse caused Trump (to recognize) that when the American stock market continued to plunge, this would not only influence American economics, but also affect Trump's reelection.  As the Covid-19 epidemic continues to spread, the challenge that Trump's presidential seat of authority faces grows larger and larger.

If at this time, China were to announce (that it was) limiting Americans or people who had visited America from entering China, and announce that Chinese were restricted from heading to the United States, that is to say institute travel restrictions on the United States, then American economics would suffer a huge blow, and the American stock market would collapse even more.  But China did not do this.    
But everyone should know, after Covid-19 exploded in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, Trump's American government first announced that it would bring Americans home from Wuhan, leading other countries to scurry in and follow their example, forcing China to stand by and watch.  
Not only so, the American government also announced that it was restricting Chinese and foreigners who had visited China from entered the US, which is to say indirectly announcing travel restrictions on China, making other countries in the world covertly to render China isolated.  The impact on Chinese economics was enormous.   
These actions by America were extremely lacking compassion, like throwing rocks on someone who has fallen into a well, going after someone when they're sick.  But now China's Covid-19 situation is under control.  Aside from Wuhan, new cases are in the single digits, while the situation in America is increasingly serious.

If at this time China were to carry out revenge, aside from announcing a ban on American travel, China could also announce that it was carrying out a war strategy of controlling medical products, forbidding exporting to America.  In which case the US would plunge into great seas and oceans of coronavirus (汪洋大海).  
According to what an official at the American Center for Disease Control says, most American masks are produced in China and imported from China.  If China were to forbid the export of masks to the United States, then the US would run completely dry of masks, and couldn't even take the most elementary precautions to prevent Covid-19.

In the same way, an official at the American Center for Disease Control openly admitted that an enormous majority of American drugs are imported, some imported from Europe, but Europe has placed the production facilities for these medicines in China.  Therefore more than 90% of American imported medicines have some connection with China.  The underlying meaning was, at this time, if China were to announce that medicines they should seek to use drugs to satisfy domestic needs, America would descend into a Covid-19 hell.  
But there is humanity among mankind.  The Chinese government and Chinese people have never done this, tossing stones at someone in a well, still less prohibit exporting drugs to America.  As China's Covid-19 situation has gradually come under control, China is greatly expanding its ability to export masks and medicines, and America is one of the regions that is asking for them.  American officials, for instance Secretary of Commerce Ross, American Secretary of State Pompeo, and White House Economic (note: Trade) Adviser Navarro, openly gloated over the Chinese Covid-19 situation, expressing the hope that the explosion of the pandemic in China would be useful to the United States, bringing business back to America, and advising the world to consider the dangers of China's distribution chain.  The notorious Wall Street Journal even published an odious essay (note: literally "reek for ten thousand years"), "China is the Sick Man of Asia."  At the time, the American New York Times also openly put out an article, criticizing China for shutting up Wuhan, calling it a violation of human rights.  This American culture of tossing rocks on a man in a well is truly disgusting.  But now the Fengshui (literally wind-water) has turned around, and America has become a a victim of the new Coronavirus.  At this time China has not tossed rocks in the well, and has not blamed America.  The US should now even more apologize to China for all these previous errors.   
During this period, a certain kind of voice is being deliberately hyped, saying that China owes the world an apology.  This is extremely ridiculous.  In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, China sacrificed an enormous amount, spending an huge economic sums, cutting off the spread of Covid-19.  There is no country that has paid so great a sacrifice in stopping the spread of Covid-19.  
In addition, according to research by Academician Zhong Nanshan, while Covid-19 erupted in China, its origin is not necessarily from within China.  Now a great deal of research points to the origin of Covid-19 may possibly be another country.  America, Italy, Iran and other nations generally haven't had the opportunity to test Asian cases to prove this point.  So China has still less cause to apologize.  
Now we should forthrightly say, America owes China an apology, and the world owes China a voice of thanks.  Without China's huge sacrifice and expense, there wouldn't be this valuable window of time to fight Covid-19.  One can say that the strength of China alone, steadfastly held out against the epidemic for a long time.  This is truly a deed to amaze Heaven and Earth, and make the spirits themselves cry!   

2020-03-04 10:45:32 来源: 黄生看金融微信公号

  然而,人间有大爱,中国人民和中国政府从来没有这样做,没有对美国落井下石,更没有禁止口罩和药品出口美国,随着中国的新冠肺炎疫情逐渐受到控制,中国的口罩、药品的出口能力将极大的提升,而美国正是需求方之一。美国政府的官员,比如商务部长罗斯,美国国务卿蓬佩奥,美国白宫经济顾问纳瓦罗等,公开对中国的新冠肺炎疫情幸灾乐祸,表示中国爆发新冠肺炎疫情对美国有利,有利于企业回流美国,还呼吁世界上的企业考虑中国供应链的风险。甚至臭名昭著的《华尔街日报》还发表了一篇遗臭万年的文章《中国是亚洲真正的病人》,美国的《纽约时报》当时也公开发文,谴责中国武汉封城,说是侵犯人 权。美国这种落井下石的文化,实在让人不齿,而如今风水轮流转,美国成为了新冠肺炎疫情的受难国,这个时候中国没有落井下石,没有谴责美国,这个时候的美国,更应该为之前种种的错误行为向中国道歉。

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