Friday, March 09, 2012

Ode to Blind Faith (and John Loftus).

Dedicated to all those who spread the Blind Faith Meme.

God told Abe to camp by Tel Aviv,
While giving no cause to believe
That would satisfy scientists named Steve
Isaac laughed, and Sarah felt empirically relieved. 

Hang-gliding Moses ascended Sinai.
In the face of Reason -- off he did fly!
Jehovah seemed epistemologically shy.  
Madame Ramses stayed home and cried.

Elijah lugged twelve rocks together.
His mind clean at the end of its tether.
"No proof!  And now all this bad weather!
Worse -- the smell of barbecued leather!"

Our Lord refused to give any syn.
Not a single trigonometrical line.
Nor did he heal all the empirically blind.
But three days later, fished Galilee without any line. 

-- David Marshall, 3/9/2012

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