Monday, March 12, 2012

Real Faith: E-book announcement

An e-book called Real Reason, of which I wrote a good portion, is now available:

The thirteen Christian authors of this book rebut what I like to call the "Blind Faith Meme."

William Lane Craig is the best-known contributor. 

Other philosophers, theologians, and historians, and a few younger Christian thinkers, also write chapters. 

Despite the claim that the Christian view of faith is muddled, we did not seem to find agreeing with one another on this subject difficult, writing a coherent defense of Faith and Reason, in 13 different hands. (Well, actually, 26, since none of us were writing in long-hand, I think!)

Aside from writing two chapters, and an appendix (which will probably be added later), I also helped edit two other chapters. My chapters are entitled: "The Marriage of Faith and Reason" and "John Loftus and the Outsider-Insider Test for Faith.")

What most struck me was the continuity of our arguments. (Those that I have read, so far.) 

This book should be an effective, one-stop answer to perhaps the most common misconception about the Christian faith on the market today -- that Christianity promotes "faith in the absence of reason" or "in the teeth of the evidence." 

Having interacted with "New Atheists" now for several years on a daily basis, and with others who held the same false notions of faith long before that, I think one can hardly exagerrate how central the question is today.  Watch popular movies like the Matrix series, or read any great popular science book, and the relevance of faith becomes clear.  In a sense, this question lies at the tipping point between "modernism" and "post-modernism."  I think a clear, biblical view of faith can help us understand life better, and avoid many of the grossest and most common intellectual errors of "this age of the world." 

It's also quite reasonably priced! 

So please: read, enjoy, and pass the word along. 

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Anonymous said...

The book sounds good and interesting. Is there a printed copy of it. I don't have kindle.