Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sickness unto death.

Yesterday off Cornmarket in Oxford, I saw a copy of Kierkegaard's Sickness Unto Death on the display window of a bookstore -- in Japanese.  Apparently this book is a theme in some anime.  As if the Japanese weren't depressed enough already.  Is it true that every culture flagillates itself with the sins it is least likely to commit?


Rudy said...

I wonder which manga series it was?

The Japanese do publish quite a few nonfiction, expository manga; there was a stir last year about a manga that gave high school kid avatars to a number of mostly Western philosophers; as I recall, Heidegger was club president.

On the other hand, it could tie in with some kind of action story... it's kind of hard to imagine.

My kids both got into "Death Note", which had an ethically interesting premise.

So what sins are North Americans not prone to commit? (Outside of Las Vegas, of course.)

I hope your exam went OK.

David B Marshall said...

I'm not a fan of anime -- this information was included on the Wikipedia site for "Sickness Unto Death," which gives some details.

I don't think laziness is our abiding weakness. Americans and Canadians are typically pretty hard-working, clean, creative, and (often) generous, though of course with many exceptions. The first two are virtues that Japanese share and may exceed.

The exam is tomorrow. I'm checking my blog to avoid getting back to work -- last-minute cramming being the most odious of duties, hard-working though we may be.

Rudy said...

Oops, I wrongly assumed that you had somehow finished already...

I have to admit my comment about Piper looks sort of smart alecky. I apologize to you and

As penance I will add Piper's book to my list (I am almost certain that our public library has it.) And read it too, I should add.

Cory said...

Praying for you, David. God bless you!

I never comment, but I read your blog regularly. Thank you for your helpful posts and analysis!


David B Marshall said...

Thanks much, Cory. One hour to start.

No need to apologize, Rudy. Whenever you want to disagree, feel free to do so vigorously. If Pharyngula didn't get me down (and it didn't, aside from sadness at the folly displayed), a few sparks here won't burn the forest down.

WHU4ever said...

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