Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alpine Paradise

I'm flying to Iceland tomorrow. Yesterday I took one last hike -- a hike I've been wanting to try for years. It's a thirteen-mile loop trail that passes six gorgeous mountain lakes, three miles over especially rugged territory with no real trail. How beautiful they are on a sunny day in mid-October!

Not all were named well, though -- Chair Peak Lake (right), what a clunker of a title, what an enchanting pond, rounded rocks, surrounded by steep cliffs 1500 feet up on both sides, snow still clinging to upper slopes, a waterfall cascading down to Snow Lake a thousand feet below.
I stopped to have a quick dip in another beauty, Gem Lake (below) -- green and lush and autumnal as Chair Peak Lake is rugged and wintry.

Coming down towards the always magnificent Snow Lake (left), I met two ladies who were carrying mushrooms I think they called Panchini, and recommended for eating -- I found their source and brought one back myself. Dare I risk it?

But enough talk. Photos say what needs saying best.


Anonymous said...

That's just beautiful David. And to think that we are the cause of it! Cheers

God bless you David

Paul Boire

Alan said...

Hello David! I was wondering when you might be out to the west coast again. I live in California and would love to attend one of your talks.

God Bless.

David B Marshall said...

Hi, Alan. I am preparing a new book with a publisher based in southern California, which will hopefully come out next year. If all goes well, my co-authors and I will do some speaking in LA, San Diego, and / or the Bay Area, probably in summer 2011 or later. In that case, I'll hope to see you at one of these events!