Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sowing Obama, reaping Trump?

The astute historian Victor Davis Hanson has just explained the abject failure of Barack Obama's foreign policy, AND the bizarre popularity of Daddy-made billionaire "As President, I'll be a total, unpredictable, intellectually-incoherent jerk, playboy and clown like I have been for years and I won't ever apologize for it or for calling classy female reporters who ask me hard questions (boo hoo) 'bimbo'" Donald Trump.

Read it and understand human nature.  Then, for God's sake (and the world's), pull yourself together, America, and pick a decent president, this time. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

How Jesus Passes the Outsider Test: Chapter Two

Note: This is the chapter in which I make the argument that skeptics have so far mainly reacted against, mainly by misrepresenting it.  Of course that does not make it the most important argument in the book -- it isn't, I save the best for last.  But I still think it works, taken on its own terms, and not misrepresented. -- DM

Chapter Two: “Go Into All the World”

How Jesus Passes the Outsider Test: Chapter One

Chapter One: “The Outsider Test for Faith”

The Outsider Test, as we have seen, has become a popular, widely-employed argument against Christianity.  But John Loftus attempts in particular detail to develop this argument, and his name is most closely associated with it.  Let us therefore begin by critiquing his version of the OTF. 

How Jesus Passes the Outsider Test: The Inside Story (Intro)

My latest book, How Jesus Passes the Outsider Test: The Inside Story, may be the best I've written yet.  It has been compared by thoughtful reviewers to "Mere Christianity" and "Orthodoxy," which as a life-long fan of C. S. Lewis and G. K. Chesterton, is praise I treasure highly.  I believe the book has the potential to change how people look at the world, so that they recognize God's fingerprints upon history.  I don't believe you'll look at the story of the human, or the great spectrum of civilizations, the same, after you've read The Inside Story.

So far, most readers seem to have agreed.  All reviews by scholars have been extremely enthusiastic.  For instance, Dr. Ivan Satyavrata, an accomplished Indian theologian who has researched the relation between Christianity and Indian thought, wrote:

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"When I was up in Canada"

OK, you Larry Norman fans, here's one for you.
"The rock that doesn't roll" -- Vancouver Island

"In another land" -- Cariboo Mountains, central British Columbia.

"When you are lonely, you're the only one to blame"

"Why should the devil have all the good music?"   

"The sun began to rain" -- John and not-his-bike at an overlook in Jasper.

"Well, I went into the forest and I cut down all the trees . . . " A lake in Jasper. 

"Lead me on, lead me on, lead me on, Lead me on where you're going. You know my body's tired by my heart's inspired My hunger's growing."

Monday, August 03, 2015

Reply to Matthew Ferguson I: On Scholarship and Genre

Matthew Ferguson has now responded to my critique of his analysis of how the gospels relate to ancient literature, in a two-part rebuttal of some 50 printed pages.