Wednesday, November 09, 2011

If it's Tuesday, this must be Weihai

I'm catching my breath in Korea, before a flight tomorrow morning for Taiwan.  Friday morning I'm scheduled to speak to Cosmic Light in Taipei: I found out in Weihai, on the other side of the Yellow Sea, waiting for the passenger ship Golden Bridge.  (Registration: Panama, of course.)  Apparently I should speak in Chinese: since I haven't prepared this talk, and will be traveling all day tomorrow, this could be interesting.

I'm not suffering from jet-lag.  It's more like:

* Six night trains.  

* Five ancient capitals. 

* Four aching body parts. 

* Three sacred mountains (Song, Heng (恒山;南岳), and the greatest of all, Tai).  (Note: what to do if your back aches, both feet ache, your leg aches, and you've only had one night of sleep out of three?  Climb a precipitous 5000 foot mountain!  It worked wonders on all fronts, including sleeping the following evening, and even, surprisingly, the previously almost disabled leg.)

* Two + weeks on the road.

* And a hundred plus interviews left to translate.  (Thanks, A, for the help in Shanxi.)

I'll describe what is happening in China, and hopefully add a bunch of photos, as time and machines become available.

One thing that isn't happening in China, is Blogger; it seems the Chinese government isn't overly fond of American web sites.  Thanks to David Steinmetz for posting the past few blogs when I was unable.

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Jason Pratt said...

Very much enjoying the travel account, David! {g}