Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring in White and Blue

Mount Baker, if you can see it.
One of the great things about the Northwest is that the best of winter so often overlaps with the best of spring.  Here we are in Alvin Plantinga territory -- read his books, and you'll often see references to places like Mt. Shuksan (upper left) and Mt. Baker (right, sorry I couldn't fit these all in one left to right panorama).  I'm at the top of one of the more rugged runs at Mt. Baker Ski Resort.  More than 300 inches of snow lie on the ground under our feet.
New cherries, old grapes.
John looking cool, even
on a warm spring day on
the snow.

Here, meanwhile, are some flowers coming out at home, and a shot or two of John and James learning how to ski -- and doing pretty well, on just their second downhill outing. 

Mt. Shuksan: the most photographed, under-recognized
mountain in the world.   Posing with us.   

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