Monday, June 11, 2012

Congratulations, John!

John Marshall and his proud parents at his graduation from Mount Si High School.  (The mountain in the background is the namesake Si, a rocky peak with much the aura of a Sinai or a Tai, despite its mere 4000 + foot elevation.)

John earned about a 3.85 GPA, aced six Advanced Placement exams, and is pumped about studying Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Washington next fall.  Of course we're glad he's not going any further than that.

The proto-scientist.
And here, just a few months ago, is a photo of John showing his early interest in science.  "Is this the North Pole?" He asked, standing at the shore of Mendenhall Lake, facing Mendenhall Glacier, just north of Juneau.  Now he's holding a chunk of highly-compressed glacial ice.  (We used to use it to make ice cream -- Alaskans love ice cream.) 

This is what the North Pole ought to look like.


steve said...

You need to add some Twin Peaks theme music for local ambiance.

David B Marshall said...

I'd prefer The Ten Commandments.

Crude said...

Hey, congrats to John on some stellar achievements. Here's hoping he goes far, in all the best ways.

David B Marshall said...

Thanks kindly.