Thursday, January 17, 2013

Am I visiting a site near you? (Jan-March)

Things are getting busier by the day!  Over the next couple months, traveling all over God's green (or white, but I hope not) earth to talk about faith, reason, China, Christianity, the story of the Gospel, and whether it's true.  I'm scheduled (or almost scheduled) to speak in seven states and provinces, in the next couple months, including British Columbia, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania (probably), and Washington.  (Other events may follow.)  This includes a debate with the popular atheist wunderkind, Richard Carrier, student groups, sermons and lectures, Vancouver Missions Fest seminars, and six Perspectives classes.  Partly these trips are intended to promote our new book, Faith Seeking Understanding.  Please come if you can!  And get a copy, if you don't have one, yet.  And if you see a blank spot in the schedule, and want to fill it -- with another talk or debate, or just with a cup of hot cocoa at Starbucks or a hike along the way -- let me know, and let's see if we can work it in. 

My schedule, so far:

January 20, 10 AM, Langley, British Columbia, Mountain View Community Church, "Gamble on Jesus!"

January 25, 4:30 PM, Vancouver, BC, Missionsfest, "Christianity and World Religions," Room 13

January 26, 3:30 PM, Vancouver, BC, Missionsfest, "How Jesus Fulfills the Chinese Culture," Rm 19

January 27, 10 AM, Burnaby, BC, New Life Community Church, "Gamble on Jesus!"

Feb 7 Huntsville, Al, Perspectives, Lesson 5, "Unleashing the Gospel" (closed)

Feb 8 Jacksonville, AL, student group

Feb 9 10 AM, "Christianity and World Religions," 3-4 hour seminar at University of Alabama, Huntsville

6 PM debate with Richard Carrier, "Is the Christian Faith Reasonable?" at UA-Huntsville

Feb. 10 (6 PM) Huntsville, AL, West Huntsville Baptist Church, "Mission theology from the Book of Acts: Christianity to other religions"

Feb 11 Braselton, GA, Perspectives (The Vine): "Expansion of the Christian Movement: History and Insights" (closed)

Feb 12 Gaineville, GA Perspectives (Riverbend Baptist) "Expansion of the Christian Movement: History and Insights" (closed)

Feb. 13 Huntsville, AL, Capshaw Baptist, 6 PM, "Christianity and World Religions"

Feb 14-16 Travel and meetings.

Feb 17 (Sunday, 4 PM), Atlanta, GA, North Avenue Presbyterian, "Jesus for Skeptics"

Feb 20, PM, North Augusta, South Carolina, North Augusta United Methodist, "Jesus for Skeptics"

Feb 21-23 Visiting relatives. 

Feb 24 (Sunday, 5:30 PM), Snellville, GA, Perspectives, "Expansion of the Christian Movement: History and Insights" (closed)

Feb 25 Atlanta, GA, Perspectives "Expansion of the Christian Movement: History and Insights" (closed)

Feb 26 Roswell, GA, Perspectives "Expansion of the Christian Movement: History and Insights" (closed)

Feb 27 - March 8   Open dates. 

March 10 Fairfax, VA (near Washington, D.C), 8:30, 10 AM, 11:15, Fairfax Presbyterian Church

March 11, Return to Seattle, morning flight from Nashville, TN, via Denver.
March 17, Seattle, WA, Rock of Ages Lutheran Church (9:30 AM?) 


Brian Barrington said...

Good luck with your series of talks.

Btw, should that "popular atheist scholar" be Richard Carrier rather than Richard Dawkins? A Freudian slip perhaps? :-)

David B Marshall said...

Thanks, Brian, and for catching that. In some ways, Carrier might actually be more interesting, he has at least done some relevant research.