Friday, October 04, 2013

Zuckerman vs. Marshall, Ducks vs. Dawgs

I just realized that my debate with Phil Zuckerman next Saturday occurs at exactly the same time as the Washington -- Oregon football game.  (Oregon is presently ranked #2  in the country, and Washington #15 -- though we're playing at #5 Stanford tomorrow, so we may not be that high by next week.)  (I'll also be speaking in both services the following morning.) 

I'm a graduate (BA + MA) of the University of Washington.

Phil is a graduate (BA + MA + PhD) of the University of Oregon. 

This debate might get nasty. 

Topic"Does Christianity or Secular Humanism Provide a Better Basis for Civil Society?"

Location: Adventure Christian Church, Roseville, CA (a bit east of Sacramento)

Time: 5 PM

On-line Access: Should be posted, some time after the debate.  Not sure when exactly, yet. 

Go, Dawgs! 


O. Douglas Jennings said...

Good luck! I look forward to reading (or watching, when it's posted) as to how it went.

Crude said...

"Does Christianity or Secular Humanism Provide a Better Basis for Civil Society?"

Let's see.

Christianity demonstrably not only provided a basis for civil society for centuries, but literally civilized it in large part to begin with.

Secularism meanwhile has a viciously bloody history, and secular humanism is either connected to that history, or has an ephemeral at best implementation history.

Unknown said...


Have you seen Stark's book "America's Blessings?" I'm not giving it an unqualified endorsement, but there is a lot of interesting stuff in it you might find useful.

David B Marshall said...

Looks interesting. So little time, so many stats.

Unknown said...


Just to load more on you: if you have a chance you might look at the book "More God, Less Crime," by Byron Johnson.