Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Jesus is No Myth is now here!

Jesus is No Myth is now in house! James and I drove down and picked up several hundred copies this afternoon. Reviews are also starting to come in:
Dr. Craig Blomberg (Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Denver Seminary):
“Support for the credibility of Christianity can be found here that is available nowhere else. A must read. ”
Dr. Timothy McGrew (Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy, Western Michigan University):
"Full of fresh insights, penetrating analysis, and dry wit -- the section on the Bal Shem Tov alone is worth the price of the book -- and some of the best material from the rich storehouse of the history of apologetics."
I believe this book can be a game-changer. Having read it, I don't think you will ever read the gospels the same again. Nor will you listen to skeptical attacks on the gospels without a smile again. And you will "get the goods" on some of Jesus' supposed "competitors" in the ancient world, and rediscover how utterly unique Jesus of Nazareth truly is.
The book is more than 300 pages, and comes to $20. For direct orders (go around the middle man, or river), we'll wave postage. And for the first ten orders, I'll also add a free copy of my earlier book, The Truth About Jesus and the 'Lost Gospels.' I'll also sign the book, if you remind me -- otherwise you'll fall victim to "Absent-Minded Professor Syndrome" (AMPS).  
To order, send $20 and the mailing address to which you would like the book sent to Kuai Mu Press, PO Box 403, Fall City, WA, 98024.
May Jesus is No Myth: The Fingerprints of God on the Gospels prove a blessing to those who have doubts, or have bought into the falsehoods of the Ehrmans, Carriers, and Aslans. You'll have time to read it, and see if a second copy perhaps belongs under a Christmas tree whose owners have developed doubts about Christ!


sparrish said...

David: I just ordered your book. Is there any chance that of it getting into bookstores or Amazon?

David B Marshall said...

I think you can probably order it from Amazon now. I just uploaded the cover image, which they said will take a day or two, and then I'll let people know about that. But direct orders are faster and save money for both parties.

Ken Abbott said...

I put my order/check in yesterday's mail. It amazes me how persistent on the Internet this "mythical Jesus" stupidity can be. Ten or fifteen years ago it was a widely discredited idea. Now it's difficult to read the comments section of any news site or blog that treats Christian subjects without finding some atheist troll insisting Jesus never existed.