Saturday, December 30, 2017

Oh Holy Night: When the World Found Hope

Here's my Christmas post at The Stream.  It's all about the difference Christmas Morning made, influences that are neglected and unknown in most history books, certainly in popular understandings of history, but real, and have changed billions of lives for the better.  Christ was born into the world, and the world not only did not recognize him, we even refused to notice how he had fixed up our place.

Sorry I'm a bit late to link this piece here.  I was in Japan, and it was posted only on Christmas Eve, due to various factors.  But I hope you'll share this piece with your friends.  For Christians and non-Christians alike, I think it should add cheer to the season, whatever the football scores may be!

And Merry (belated) Christmas!


Lydia McGrew said...

Not belated. The 30th is only the sixth day of Christmas!

David B Marshall said...

Well, oddly, after getting about 30 shares the first five days of Christmas, it's doing much better now. Guess those six geese a-laying were laying more than just goose eggs.

Lydia McGrew said...

Good article!

You might want to mention one typo to someone and have it changed: "Dissiminators" should be "disseminators." Could have been added by an editor.

David B Marshall said...

Thanks, Lydia. I do sometimes correct typos in my articles for The Stream, but I'm treading lightly this time, because I got a little too testy in the run-up to publication. : - )

Lydia McGrew said...

Heh. I know all about that. There are multiple writers in this house, and we all have to deal with editors on many occasions.