Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The New York Times, Barack Obama, and Racial Conflict

It is important to realize that the conflict now convulsing our country is entirely manufactured by the Left, and is based on rock-solid lies. People are dying, again, because of Left-wing lies -- and the deaths you hear about, are only the tip of the iceberg. When the police are forced out of a poor neighborhood through hostility, who will surge into the power vacuum? Who will become more brazen, more oppressive? Drug dealers.  Pimps.  Thugs.  Why do you suppose the murder rate has soared since Ferguson, a series of riots whipped up from lies, like meringue on a pie, made from one broken egg and lots of empty air? Read this and understand what is going on.

Why is the Left trying to whip up racism and create hatred against whites and against the police right now?  No doubt motives vary.  But what is clear is that the presidency of Barack Obama has failed, and failed badly: war, not peace, has broken out around the world, our radical enemies have become more active not less, America is being attacked by terrorists, the National Debt has grown, the economy has not, America is being surpassed as we speak by China, Iran hates us all the more, for all Obama's generosity.  And, of course, the Democratic Party (like the Republican Party) has offered an utterly obnoxious candidate for the next president (along with a socialist even to the left of Barack Obama!)

See what Vladimir Putin did when the Russian economy collapsed: demonize America, manufacture a few local enemies, and his approval ratings rose to 80%!

Nationalism doesn't work for the Left, but hatred and divisiveness does.  

Never mind that if you demonize police officers, innocent people will be oppressed and sometimes killed.  Never mind that an unpoliced neighborhood is a neighborhood that business does not want to invest in.  Never mind that all these cities where conflict is occurring, have been run by the Left for decades now, or that the stats show the police are actually doing a pretty good (and very difficult) job.  Never mind the lessons of Detroit.  

Demonize "the pigs."  Blame Whitey.  

And our Nobel-Prize winning president, in his diffident and snarky way, cheers Black Lives Matter on, surreptitiously throwing kindling onto the fire of the very racial conflict he was supposed to solve.  

But solving conflict and making peace is the job of the police, not of left-wing radicals like Barack Obama and the New York Times.  


steve said...

It's all about gaining political power. Have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette.

steve said...

For all the hype about white cops brutalizing blacks (which sometimes happens), it wouldn't surprise me if some black cops are harder on black perps than white cops. It's easy to imagine black cops who grew up in the Hood, coming down very hard on black perps. They can't be guilt-tripped. And they may well feel that black perps are making blacks in general look bad. Black perps are ruining the neighborhood. Preying on the weak.

David B Marshall said...

Could be. The data that people cite doesn't seem to prove much of anything, except that demographic groups that commit lots of crime, tend to get pulled over / busted about as much as you'd expect, and that the vast majority of homocides against blacks, are by black civilians, not black or white cops. But you can't prove anything, without seeing the interaction as it really happened. Maybe there are a few racist cops going around knocking people on the head because they don't like the color of their skin, but there seems to be no objective evidence that this happens at all often. What we can say for sure is that BLM is racist to the full.

steve said...

Two striking stats:

Blacks are 23.8 percent less likely to be shot by police, relative to whites. Hispanics are 8.5 percent less likely to be shot but the coefficient is statistically insignificant.

Rows (2) through (6) add various controls, identical to those in table 1D. Accounting for basic suspect or officer demographics, does not significantly alter the raw racial differences. Including encounter characteristics – which one can only accomplish by hand coding the narratives embedded in arrests reports – creates more parity between blacks and non-black non-Hispanic suspects, rendering the coefficient closer to 1. Finally, when we include whether or not a suspect was found with a weapon or year fixed effects, the coefficients still suggest that, if anything, officers are less likely to shoot black suspects, ceteris paribus, though the racial differences are not significant.

Including all controls available from the taser sample, table 5 shows that black civilians are 30.9 percent less likely to be shot with a pistol (rather than a taser) relative to non-black suspects.

Black officers had more than three times greater odds of shooting than white officers. This finding runs counter to concerns that white officers are overrepresented among officers using lethal force, but is consistent with numerous previous studies of officer race and police use-of-force.