Thursday, September 22, 2016

October Speaking Schedule

Lots of speaking coming up!  Come if you can!  Bring along those who have doubts about the truth of the gospels, who have swallowed bilge from the likes of Bart Ehrman, Richard Carrier, or Reza Aslan, or friends who would like to hear something important from a novel perspective. 

The initial tour for my new book, Jesus is No Myth: The Fingerprints of God on the Gospels, is set to kick off in full fury early next month. I'm planning to travel to some 20 states during October, speaking in (at least) Washington, North Dakota, Minnesota (probably), Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and South Carolina.  (Then into the South in November.)  Almost all of these events are open to the public!  I'll be pleased to meet some of you before or after, get a bite to eat, sign books, and chat.   

I'm also planning to visit top universities along the way, which I'll list below the schedule.  Since I'm going to these schools anyway to conduct research, I'd also love to share on campus, even to small groups on a last-minute basis, regardless of funds.  I probably won't pass up a meal if invited!  (I am also looking for places to stay some nights.) 

"Jesus is No Myth" Tour, October, 2016

October 2  (Sunday, 9 AM + 11 AM sermons)
             Washington State, Snoqualmie Valley Alliance (Fall City): "Understanding Taoism"

October 8 (Sat, 5:30 PM sermon)

              North Dakota, First Lutheran (Minot): "Jesus is No Myth!"

October 9 (Sunday, 8:30 + 11 AM sermons)

               North Dakota, First Lutheran: "Jesus is No Myth!"

                  (9:45 Adult Ed)

                ND, Minot First Lutheran:   "The Fingerprints of God on the Gospels"

                 ND, Minot First Lutheran:   "How Jesus Passes the Outsider Test"

October 10 (Monday class)

                  Minnesota (tentative, private)

October 12 (Wed, 6-7:40 PM)   

                  Ohio, Maumee Presbyterian: "The Fingerprints of God on the Gospels"

October 16 (Sunday, 9 + 10:30 AM sermons)

                  Pennsylvania, Christian Life Center (New London): "Is Jesus a Myth?"

October 17 (Mon, PM)

                  New Jersey (Randolf): Perspectives

October 19  (Wed, PM)

                   Pennsylvania, Christian Life Center (New London): "How Jesus Passes the Outsider

October 22 (Sat, 9 AM)

                   Pennsylvania, Christian Life Center (New London): "Jesus for Skeptics"

                    (Sat, 10:30 AM)

                                                                                              "Apologetics in the 21st Century"

October 23 (Sunday, 9 + 10:30 AM)

                    Pennsylvania, Levittown Presbyterian: "Jesus is No Myth!"

                    (Sunday, after second service)

                     Pennsylvania, Levittown Presbyterian: Q & A

October 30 (Sunday, 9:30-10:15)

                     South Carolina, St. Philips Church (Charleston): "Is Jesus a Myth?"

                    (Sunday, 4-5:30)

                      South Carolina, Reasonable Faith, "Is Jesus a Myth?"

Schools to Visit Along the Way

(speak, chat, survey, meet, photograph):

Amherst, Boston, Brown, Carleton, Chicago, Colgate, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Emory, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Haverford, Illinois, Lafayette, Lehigh, Michigan, MIT, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, Princeton, Purdue, Tufts, Vanderbilt, Washington and Lee, Whitman, Williams, Wisconsin, Yale.

Hope to see many of you in one or another of these locations! 

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